Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"A New Year" or "Just Another Day"?

I went to bed last night around 11 and the new year started just the same as if I'd watched the ball drop and shot off fireworks and clinked glasses of bubbly -- well, the same except that I got a full night's sleep. Eight hours.

I remember the days when I felt somehow that my consciousness was required for the old year to end and the new one to begin. (I have some great memories from NYEve parties from junior high, high school, college...a few years ago.) Still, time marches on whether I'm paying attention or not. Time has proven that fact over and over.

The answer to my question? Yes. 2008 has begun all shiny and new -- filled with potential and hope. Just like every day, really. It's all grace.

I'm starting the new year with fresh paint on my bedroom walls and neatly printed labels on magazine file boxes filled with this and that. In the last days of 2007 I checked off dozens of boxes on my TO DO list and it felt great.

One of those things was "switch to a different desk in my home office" (BIG project) and one of them was "hang magnetic knife bar in the kitchen" (small project).

All this work (HGTV would be proud) and I feel rested and ready for the year...or at least for one more day.

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