Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bible Study Fellowship

Today I attended the Thursday Morning Women's BSF Class in Manila. It was so cool to be with these women in a brand new environment to me but that also felt completely familiar. For those in BSF, you'll understand when I say that the following was "the same" as we are used to:
  1. nametags
  2. two hymns
  3. a visit by the regional leadership team
  4. prayer
  5. small groups
  6. answers with references
  7. everyone prepared shares
  8. announcements about seminars
  9. challenging lecture with clear application points
  10. the sound of dozens and dozens of women talking together -- so glad to be together
  11. the Word of God
  12. the joy of fellowship that rests on the foundation of Christ

The photo is fuzzy. I didn't use the flash as I didn't want to disturb the other groups -- we all met in one room for small group time. Going to BSF was great -- but it made me miss being in my regular group for all these weeks while I'm traveling.

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