Sunday, April 06, 2008

"How was your flight?"


I was in Detroit, at the gate early for my second flight of the day. I asked the airline desk person to check for an aisle seat for me which I was willing to trade for a window seat. She said she found me one and I took it -- only to find out she'd moved me to the center seat of 3 in the middle, third from the last row on the plane. Yes, this was for my Detriot to Amsterdam leg.


I had a seat between two friendly, healthy human beings on a flight that left on time and arrived early. My seat reclined as it is designed to do. The tray table worked. The in-flight entertainment system worked and offered movies I was interested in seeing. Unlike many colleagues here, I was not stuck at Heathrow for HOURS because of snow and other issues and my luggage arrived with me. It was a pretty good flight.

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