Monday, April 14, 2008


I may not catch up on my work today, but I am working at it. Mozart is playing from iTunes on my laptop and I've been working through email. The sound of Manila traffic in the background is...un-ignorable.

Most recently I have been filling out my registration form for Leadership Rising (a course I'll be taking in August) which is requiring me to update my resume and then describe what aspects of each of my jobs I found most satisfying. I've chosen to only highlight those jobs I've had beginning with teaching in 1986 or I'd need another day to fill in the details of all those short-term, part-time employment challenges.

I've got a "meeting" scheduled for this afternoon to talk about multi-cultural/diversity stuff, about Facebook and Blogging, and whatever else we decide is critical.

Even later this afternoon, I have an "appointment" for a manicure & pedicure. I'm splurging and having this done at the hotel in my room rather than wandering the streets looking for something. That means it will cost $10 total instead of $6 or $7.

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