Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fitting and Not Fitting

Saturday's activities included a variety of things toward the goal of Faith having a prom dress that she will enjoy. We visited the tailor twice (the second time only to deliver fabric and notions). It was fun watching Faith work with the designer to design the dress -- using a photo from a magazine and other images and dresses and drawings to establish a plan.

Faith has chosen a periwinkle blue color that is just beautiful. Her design dream will soon be a dress intestead of an idea -- and that is so cool.

My favorite part of the experience was searching for the right lace and the right beads in a variety of stores.

The most uncomfortable part was being in the tailor shop where some of the workers are in the midst of gender transition and it's just hard to not stare. I saw some of this in the Philippines, too. It is apparently fairly common in Asia. But I digress once again.

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