Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wycliffe Needs Teachers!!

On Monday a group of us met and commissioned over 1000 boxes (before carrying them down and loading them on a truck to go to the Post Office) carrying information about MISSION: TEACH to over 1000 colleges and universities. 

We prayed for the biology teacher who will one day serve in a missionary school in Asia and the 2nd grade teacher who will one day serve in an international school in the Pacific and the grade school teacher who will thrive an itinerant role  serving  home school students in Africa -- teachers who are now students in these 1000+ schools who will hear about MISSION: TEACH from a placement counselor.

MISSION: TEACH is actually a website that pulls job opening positions from over 100 schools around the world into a single database rather than being posted "a dozen here and a dozen there" on mission organization websites and school websites. 

As I understand there are at least 300 openings for the 2008-2009 school year waiting for qualified teachers to fill them. Check it out for yourself by following the links in this blog. If you know teachers who would be interested, send them a link to this blob using the "envelope" icon below. They'll thank you. Or smack you with their red pen... but you're not afraid of no teacher's red pen are you?

If those teachers go through Wycliffe -- develop a partnership team that prays and sends them, including financial support -- then some Wycliffe MK's (Missionary Kids) will get tuition breaks (significant, make-private-school-affordable kind of breaks) at the school where the Wycliffe teacher teaches. How cool is that?!  


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