Monday, July 16, 2007

COOTIE: @ Camp Hub (003)

I started my entomology classes today. I spend part of the morning (between naps) learning about insects. The image to the right is the teacher's beetle collection. It is very impressive. At first I thought they were chew toys, but someone told me otherwise just in time.

In the afternoon, we go outside amidst the flora and fauna and look for specimens. I know that my size and ferocious demeanor can frighten most bugs if they see me coming. So, I got to thinking (during one of my extended naps) about how I could get the upper hand.

My solution? Disguise. I'm sure I'll blend right in with all the other insects in the garden now.


  1. Dawn(Deb's much younger sister)7/17/2007 1:09 AM

    What a hoot...or a Coot(ie)! Glad that she is having a great time at your camp!

  2. I love the bug eyes! That one will be hard to top! :-D

  3. Cootie's Sister7/18/2007 4:09 PM

    Oops! That was supposed to be "Cootie's Sister."