Saturday, July 07, 2007

May I Have This Dance?

Dance with Him
-- and let Him lead.

Even when you
don't hear the music.

Even when your
feet are tired.

Even when you feel like
you don't have the right dress
or your hair isn't in place.

Even when no one else is dancing.

I'm praying that you
will find the strength and peace
every day to say "yes" to his
"may I have this dance."

This is a portion of a prayer I wrote for a friend in an email. When I read it later, I found myself praying it for myself and others. Oh, that we will always say YES when God asks!

[ALSO, the date and time stamp below...I did not actually post this at that time...but was talking about how it would have been cool to post something at that time and decided to manipulate the post just for fun. I have the technology.]

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