Monday, July 09, 2007

Kids Can!

Along with age-graded Bright Ideas!, five Prayer Lessons, and a twelve-lesson curriculum entitled Steps to Bible Translation, you may download a brand new kids-helping-kids series of lessons for free!

Within a week of it being featured on Wycliffe’s web site, two vacation Bible schools (VBS) wrote to say they were using the Senegal Giving Project lessons this summer. From one VBS we’ve already heard that the children had a great time, learned a lot about Senegal and the need for reading classes, plus they gave over $550.

It costs $65 to provide an entire year of literacy classes for one child in Senegal, so these US children are helping give a year’s worth of schooling to more than eight Senegalese children.

For your free lessons click the title of this blog. You'll be transported to Wycliffe's website to the very pages where you'll find these resources.


  1. This is great, Ruth! Love the blog. How can I get one, too? Oh, wait, I see it below! :) You are VERY fast at reading and posting. May more VBS and other classes check out this project soon!

  2. That is outstanding that the vacation bible school has started. what a wonderful way for children to learn ?

    Nancy Macdonald