Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wycliffe's WordSpring

Wycliffe's WordSpring Discovery Center in Orlando, Florida is the place to discover the amazing story of the Bible and to grow in your understanding of Wycliffe's passion: The glory of God through the translation of His Word for all the peoples of the earth in the language and medium they understand best.

Discover how the Bible has been preserved and shared throughout history. Encounter people, languages, and cultures.

WordSpring honors the diverse peoples of the world.

WordSpring showcases the art and science of language development, including Bible translation.

WordSpring celebrates God and His Word.

If you're interested in knowing more, click the title above which will link you to the WordSpring website.

[WordSpring opened just months after I started working with Wycliffe. I arrived in time to provide some "voice" work for a couple of the interactive programs. I've also been involved in the development of new things. If you are planning a central Florida vacation -- Disney, Universal, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach -- you may want to plan a day that includes Wycliffe's WordSpring as well as a tour of the JESUS Film Master Studios just across the pond. Literally. We're neighbors.]

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