Tuesday, July 17, 2007

COOTIE: @ Camp Hub (004)

Tuesday night at Camp is Movie Nite and since I totally behaved myself at meals and cleaned up my toys and even retrieved my blanket when I was told, I got to select the movies.

First, we watched Lady and the Tramp. Tramp is a kind of "bad dog" character who doesn't come from privilege like Lady does. Or like I do, for that matter.

Next, we watched Call of the Wild. I find that story so inspirational. Really, behind every great man, is a greater canine.

Then 101 Dalmations. That woman is frightening. If we would have ended with this one, I'd be having nightmares tonight, but we did not.

The late movie will be Turner and Hooch. I took this time between movies to get on line and blog a bit. I also took one of the humans here on a walk. If it wasn't for me, she would miss all the significant things along the way. It's like she can't smell anything! Humans can be so helpless.

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  1. What a scream! You are way too funny. Cootie has it made. The kids have not had a chance to see this yet.