Friday, May 23, 2008

The Balut Video...

I am finally posting my balut-eating video. Rather than embed it in the original posting from many weeks ago, I'm just posting it today. Thanks to Sandy for shooting video and then sharing it...and for her excellent narration. :) Enjoy.

(If you prefer, you can click on the TITLE above and it will serve as a link to the video on Google Video. Oh, unless you're reading this in a RSS feed, then you'll have to go to the original blog to use the link and maybe to watch the video. Or maybe not. Sorry to be so...high maintenance.)


  1. hey Ruth...not exactly sure what "balut" is, but I have an idea and I couldn't even watch the whole video...let alone eat it! If you weren't one of my heroes before, you certainly are now! Peer pressure or not......
    Deb Klotz

  2. You ARE so high maintenance for us RSS feed people. But the video was well worth it. ;-)

  3. Whew! Not sure I could do that...