Friday, May 02, 2008


On Friday night I joined Bob & Dallas, Chuck and Doug for dinner. We took one of the red buses to a place Bob & Dallas knew about. It was raining or we might have walked. And, in fact, our intent had been to go to a small Jewish establishment but realized that this kosher restaraunt was also a house of worship and on Sabbath night they were closed for services and the Sabbath meal.

Now, our driver was not one familiar with the Lemongrass -- either that or he was a little fuzzy headed -- so we took the long way there. It made for a good laugh and time for some stories.

So, how funny is it to walk into a small Thai place on a side street near the night market and have the owner's brother greet you by name. Oh, not ME...Bob. Apparently Cresons are regulars there. :)

We had traditional Thai dishes -- all were well prepared and served beautifully in this indoor-outdoor place. I had a sweet sour chicken stirfry dish for my main course.

For dessert, we shared fried bananas with honey. Delicious.

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