Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gecko Invasion

Occasionally a gecko wanders (or is inadvertently carried) into the house. If they stay long, they usually dry up and die in a windsill or under some furniture and end up in the vacuum cleaner bag. Sometimes they are discovered and "escorted" out of the house again. I've carried these happy critters out on the ends of brooms and chased them calmly with junk mail.

Yesterday there was a little gecko in the family room. Dad slid the door open to the patio and I guided it out with a magazine. I thought it looked grateful.

This morning I found a gecko in the family room again. Looked like the one I helped out yesterday. Hmm. I opened the door and pursuaded it out again.

Later in the day, I saw the gecko come from the door (which was closed) and head across the floor. I cut it off and urged it back out, opening the door to make it's exit quick.

Then, only an hour after that (I've been sorting mail and receipts and email a good bit of the day today, all in the family room) I saw it scooting across the floor again. This time it got ahead of me and kept going to our fake ficus tree and jumped up onto the basked that holds this tree in our house. I decided it likes it there and was determined enough to come in 4 times, so I just let it be.

When I went out to get a soda from the patio fridge, I saw him out there again. At least I think it's the same one. Strange little critter. 

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