Friday, May 09, 2008

The Pink-Shirt Girls

Just down the block from our hotel there are a number of combination massage/laundry facilities. The staff sit outside and chatter away and try to get business as tourists pass by. Now, let me assure you that what they are offering is exactly what is printed on the signs and no more. At the end of the block there is an establishment that is offering much more and it's obvious to anyone that it is so.

But I digress once again.

I've stopped here for a 1 hour foot massage a couple of times -- and had a manicure here once, too. The woman on the far left gave me my first hour-long foot massage and the woman on the far right my manicure. The girl in the middle gave me my second hour-long foot massage (last night -- Sandy and Maralee were there too for the same thing).

This is a wonderful bonus when meetings are in Asia -- the easily accessible and affordable foot massage. I can only being to describe how relaxing these can be.

Last week when I chose to skip supper one evening and go here for the foot-massage and manicure, it was pouring rain when I was through. One of the girls ran and got a huge umbrella and followed me back to the hotel so I would not get wet. I felt kind of funny at first, but then accepted this as part of gracious hospitality that seems to be so prevalent in Thailand.

Either that or I've been living in hotels for too long where people open doors and make beds every day and it's gone to my head. Yeah, it could be that.

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