Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Insider Information

When we arrived back at the hotel from supper tonight, we stopped in the lobby for a conversation that happens dozens of times a night here:

"Where did you go for supper?"

"Was it good?"

"Oh, I've been there."

"We tried a new place."

Ken is the one who asked and when we told him Miguel's he shared some insider information about the owner. Apparently the owner used to own a place called Mike's which was reasonably successful and which he sold. When he did so, he promised he'd not open another place it the city with the name "Mike's" so he opened the Mexican place we went to and named it Miguel's.

When I thanked Ken for this information, he giggled like Ken giggles. (If you know him, you know what I mean.) When I told him I would blog about it, he giggled more. When I took out my camera to document the conversation and to post on this blog...well, enough said.

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