Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Night and it's Fish Tacos...

Sandy (our official "Where-to-Eat-in-Thailand Guru Extraordinaire") took us to another "Mexican" place -- this one with a fairly large selection of Jamaican and Cuban influences dishes as well.

I selected the fish tacos (again, I really do like these things) and was quite please. I would vote that the amount of fish and the sauce in the fish tacos at Miguels wins my loyalty to that establishement overall -- but these had a DELICIOUS salad and salsas with it and the atmosphere was more quaint.

I loved the painted tables and strings of lights in trees.

Sandy ordered tacos (Tammy had some sort of quesadilla -- which I tasted and it was yummy). Apparently Sandy wanted to be included in the "here's what I had for supper" photo.

I'm grateful that we had this last evening together before heading out on three different flights to three different destinations today.

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  1. SO glad I finally made it into the cupboard. :-)