Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Day's Journey into Night

Long Day's Journey into Night is a dramatic play in four acts by Eugene O'Neill, widely considered to be his masterwork. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1957.

This morning, Joel Hunter didn't simply make reference to this dramatic work as an illustration for his sermon, we watched a scene from the play on Northland's stage. Very powerful stuff, live drama.

One of Joel's statement that really struck me (let's see if I get this right) is that "often our past is so horrid that it won't let go of us or so wonderful that we won't let go of it, but we have to in order to move into the future." That's close, anyhow. That was the main message of the morning -- that as we are a part of praying for "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on Earth..." we are also to be a part of making it so. No, not by our own will or working, but as God works in and through us. And, for that to happen -- for the FUTURE KINDGOM to be realized in the PRESENT, we have to let go our of our PAST.

At one point Joel was talking about letting go of the baggage we carry around with us -- and that we all have it (we do...I do) -- and then he made it very clear that anyone who might be thinking that their spouse is that baggage is not thinking correctly at all. People laughed, but got his message loud and clear.

It was a great message. He'll preach it a couple more times this weekend and you could watch live -- or download the pod cast (audio or video) after Tuesday of this week if you want. All free. I recommend it.

In fact, Dad and I worshipped via the webstream this weekend. The image above is from the live streaming web during the play scene. You can see Sean, the pastor on duty for the web worshippers (over 300 on line for this service) to the right and a listing of those gathered at the bottom of the screen shot.

While I traveled this past couple of months, Dad chose to worship via the webstream rather than making the 25 mile (one way) journey alone.

I've written about this before, so I won't to into all the details again -- but I will give the URL in case this is something you'd like to check out for yourself:

That link will take you to Northland's homepage (seen in the image to the left). Click on this image if you want to see the link to webstream worship more clearly or to read service times.

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