Saturday, May 24, 2008

What An African Woman Thinks

I have a new friend. Well, a blog-friend. I found her blog when another blog I read occasionally pointed to something she'd written about the price of gasoline. 

Once I started reading, I had a hard time stopping. In this odd cyber-world we are creating, a little boat can so easily get caught in a whirlpool that is a bit bigger and a bit stronger than the little boat imagined at first. 

I've already pointed my RSS feed at "What An African Woman Thinks" and I really won't be surprised if some of you do to. 

I've even already commented on one of her posts and probably could comment on all of them if I took the time and the risk. 

On May 5, under the title of Vanity Fair, she wrote:
"...I find writing in a particular direction in a sustained way so ... tedious. I tend instead to follow my goat as she grazes and sort of bump into things to write about. Or write about things that have bumped into me. I am very opportunistic that way.

And I find myself reading and...yeah, what she said. 

That's not to say that she only says stuff that I think -- some of her thinking that spills out into writing is not what I've thought ever before and I love how it challenges me to think around and beyond myself. Agree and don't agree, I'm moved to consider. I like it there, looking out her window with her -- sharing the view.

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