Saturday, May 17, 2008

When People Get Mixed Up

Okay, I know that Sandy and I are both Caucasian females of approximately the same height , age 45-55, with short blond hair that is showing grey-- but really, I can tell us apart easily.

I can only speak English -- Sandy can speak English and at least two languages of wider communication used in Mainland Southeast Asia.

I was born in North Dakota -- Sandy was born in Arkansas (did I remember that right?).

I used to work for Heritage Christian School -- Sandy used to work for Pan American Airlines.

Here's the deal -- we were both in the Philippines and then in Thailand for a number of weeks at the same time and our Filipino and Thai hosts sometimes got us mixed up. Totally understandable.

It got really funny when people who know us got us mixed up. Really? Well, usually they only knew one of us and saw the other at a distance...but still. Too funny. We toyed with the idea of switching name tags for a day and going to each other's meetings. Could have been fun.

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  1. Cool ... someone else who forgets the details! Or maybe that is why people confuse us ... I am from MISSOURI, not Arkansas ... hmmm wonder if there is any significance to that memory err? Also, I worked for TWA not PanAm. That mistake is not so difficult as both airlines went belly-up in the 90s.