Monday, May 12, 2008

Geometric Theory, Sinus Drainage, and Jet Lag

NOTE: This not-very-interesting blog entry is much shorter if you skip the parenthetical ramblings which I have italicized for your skipping convenience. Also, the photo is of me having just arrived home but not yet showered myself back into humanity. This explains why people on my red-eye from LAX didn't talk to me so much. Ha.

Around 4 am I got up to use the CR (That's what the restroom is called in the Philippines -- "comfort room."  For at least a while I'll be using terms I learned while traveling this time to somehow linguistically stay connected to places and events. People. It's part of the "ritual.") for the third or fourth time in the night, but this time I knew I was awake.

It's a pretty normal "first night" awakening time for the 13 hour time difference. I can't complain about it, really. I  knew I was awake when I picked up a book and started reading about the theory of geometry and actually found it interesting -- which it is, but not usually at 4 am. Sleep is generally the only thing that interests me at that hour.

Yesterday I landed in Orlando at 5:30 am (give or take).  I had been "up" for about 36 hours at that point (minus the difficult-to-measure time I slept on airplanes -- time which was significantly more than usual because of the generosity of a colleague who gave me her "full row of 4" seats mid-flight for a few hours). 

I did nap in the afternoon (would have slept longer, but thankfully my Dad woke me up from my very deep sleep after a couple of hours) and then stayed up until just after 9 pm. Fought sleep that last hour or two, though. (This is truly riveting blogging.)

Somewhere between Thailand and Taiwan and LAX and Orlando I realized that my sinuses were beginning to drip, drip, drip, but it wasn't until I had been home for a few hours that it became apparent that it wasn't just a response to the dry air on planes.  I'm now becoming friends with generic sinus tabs I picked up at Target yesterday after church. 

I'll head into the office around 8 as usual. And I do plan on attending BSF tonight. Pushing myself to "normal" hours and drinking LOTS of fluids are key for my readjustment. 

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