Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Tammy

I like birthdays. I like my own birthday when it comes around – and I like other people’s birthdays too. Anyhow, it is slowly becoming my tradition to feature my friends on my blog on their birthdays. (Okay, I’ve done it one time before…maybe two times, and I’m going to do it again today. But really, traditions have to start somewhere and sometime.)

Today is Tammy Schutt’s birthday. I’m particularly motivated to blog about her on her birthday because she so very much likes to be on the “front page” of my blog. She said so.

Because we are both in the same city for another 36 hour or so, it’s been fun to have the opportunity to celebrate her just a little bit today face to face. Beyond that, Lloyd made a birthday greeting video for Tammy (his MacBook made that a fairly painless process – go Mac!) and I sang my greeting. (What was I thinking?)

Tammy and I “met” when she telephoned me over a year ago to initiate a discussion that eventually grew into the 2008 Vision Trip for the Kagayanen New Testament + Genesis Celebration. We began then to work together, communicating through email with increasing frequency as we neared the event or as various challenges surfaced in our planning.

My first impressions? This is a woman of vision who knows how to get things done, who values people deeply, and who sees things holistically. She is kind-hearted and gracious.

Tammy traveled to Orlando in March to teach at the Wycliffe School for Global Engagement and we met face-to-face for the first time. In those days and the weeks that followed, this respected and valued colleague has become a friend. My initial impressions have been confirmed. I’ve been greatly blessed by God through her.



  1. Happy Birthday Tammy! (Ruth, I haven't 'friended' Tammy on Facebook yet... if you think of it, will you pass along my birthday wishes to her?) :)

    Also, I really like the new blog heading graphic... have you been in Asia for awhile? It feels like it.

  2. The front page again? I may need to go lay down for a while. Twice in month is way more than I can handle... but the sentiment is appreciated. Thank you, Ruth, for helping to celebrate this almost-50 birthday!

    Thanks to Erica too! :-)