Monday, May 05, 2008

Silly Video - Sunday afternoon

On Sunday afternoon Sandy, Tammy and Julie invited me to go with them to the Airport Mall (that is, the new mall near the airport) to see a movie. You know me. I was more interested in "who" than "what" and the "what" was appealing too. I said yes.

Well, we got a bit of a late start (life is complicated) and didn't get there in time to see a movie and get back in time for a thing that Sandy and I both had in the evening. Plan B transformed us into brief mall-crawlers before we ended up at Starbuck's for some great coffee and great conversations.

Boy, to I like these women and appreciate their example to me of life and service and commitment and all of that while living through the real stuff that is not easy about any of it. Smart women (no matter what this video might lead you to believe). Funny...interesting...gifted...called. Yeah, all of that. How am I so blessed?!

Anyhow, we took one of the two-seat red bus/truck deals and the driver wanted more than just 4 passengers, so while we waited briefly for others to join us for the trip back into the center of town, I got my camera out.

This is the totally purposless video I shot. No one really needs to watch it but me. I just like having this recording of these voices and faces.

(Okay, the video will be here after I get back to a faster internet connection for which I'm not paying by the minute. Sorry.)

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  1. Hey... who's the weird one with the funny faces? What was she thinking? Trusting you THAT much with a video camera in your hand?!?

    I'll have to be more careful in the future... haha!

    Fun time with you... Tammy